Wednesday, 18 April 2012

People and Places project

Wednesday, 18 April 2012
While I was on my road trip to England, I thought of this idea of a new project. Actually, I always wanted to interact with people in some way..and this was my best chance to do so.
What I did, was, to take a picture of one stranger in each city I visited. I only took pictures with slr cameras, so each time I had to explain that the picture is on film, people looked a little bit strange at me.
I regret that I didn't start this project earlier, because I have visited quite a lot of places and countries until now...but nevermind. I am sure I will visit more in the future :)

It was very nice to talk with people and get to know them a little bit. For that purpose, I asked each one of them, three questions. Name, ocuppation and favorite band. I wanted to know their favorite band because I was always curious on what music people are listening to. I used to play this game, where, while sitting by the window at a coffee shop, I will try to guess what kind of music each passerby listens to but the way they were dressed or looked like.

I do believe that the music we listen to, defines us in some way or another. 
So here they are, my stranger friends!

1. Hallein, Austria
They are Adrijana Bigava and Helmut Leitner. She is a Nurse and he is a Student and also Stagehander.
Her favorite band is Die Antwoord and his favorite band is Illmaculate&OnlyOne.

I remeber I saw them from the car. They looked so nice, there on that field, by themselves, sitting on grass and having a little picnic. It was the beggining of spring and it was one of the first warm days of the year. Behind them you could see the Alps with snow on top of their peaks. They give me strawberries and we had a nice chat about the food in Austria. 

2. Daventry, England
It was a very sunny day and I still don't know how to set my camera so the pictures won't look so burned. The girls are Nichole (middle), Katie (right) and Danielle (left). Apart from Nichole, which is a college student, the other two are highschool students. Katie and Nichole love the Boyce Avenue band and Danielle likes One Direction

As I was very embarressed to interrupt their chat and because they had to keep their eyes open in the sun, until I set my camera, I didn't took much of their time. But Danielle was nice enough to suggest I should visit  Badby Woods, quite beautiful and close by the city. Unfortunetly, as much as I do love woods and forests, I did not had time to stop. But next time I'm around...maybe I will.

3. Stockport, England
He is Devon Jennings. He lives in Stockport and he works in Marketing. He is also a Singer, so who knows? Maybe someday he will be famous!  His favorite artist is Mariah Carey. I have to admit I was a bit surprised because I saw him more of a ..alternative rock person :) I remember he had a nice sense of humor, because he kept posing for the picture and joke around. Nice guy indeed!

4. Manchester, England.
William was in a hurry. He didn't had time to chat, but was nice enough to answer my questions and pose for a quick picture.He works in Marketing and his favorite artist is Bruno Mars. Actually, I was also in a hurry because I only had thirty minutes to see as much as I can of Manchester. It was a grand city, with lots of tall, red brick buildings and busy streets full of people. So, William was the perfect person to portray this city. Busy, red haired and quite tall. :)

5. Folkestone, England.
These two girls were the nicest chap I meet. They were all smiles and very eager to talk with me. The nice blonde is Harriet King and the lovely brunette is Ellie White. They are both students and living in Folkestone. Harriet's favorite band is Blink 182 and Ellie's favorite artist is Ed Sheeran. This city was the one I liked the most, on the Seacoast. The houses and roads were lovely, just near the shore, and the people here looked happy and  were dressed in bright colours, in perfect symmetry with the beauty of the city.

6. Oxford, England
Last but not least, is Till. He is a student living in Oxford and his favorite band is Pink Floyd. This was the city    I spent the most time in and I have to admit that I was very impressed by it. I always wanted to visit Oxford. Studying here was my dream since I was a little girl and only dreamt of going to England. I arrived late friday evening and I was able to see the city when it was most lively and full of students.

 I woke up early in the morning, at six, to take pictures of the streets and gardens when they were empty and quiet. It was a nice morning. The only people on the streets were police man and cleaning people (who had to deal with the mess from the night earlier, when all the cheerful students went out to have a good time in local pubs). So, finding someone to take a picture of, was not so simple. I had to go in a coffee shop and drag this lovely boy out, because there was not enough light inside. He was very nice and a true gentleman, just like any Oxford student should be. 

So, these are the first people I had the pleasure to shoot for my project. It is a interesting feeling to meet young people just like yourself, that live in another country and have a totally different style of life. We are all so much alike and different in the same time. As soon as I will visit another city, I will post more pictures of people and places. :)


  1. Stefania, it was so entertaining to read! Hold on to this idea. (:

  2. Such a wonderful idea, Stefania! I love the photos, people on them and your descriptions...especially the one about William from Manchester. :)

    1. Ohh Lucia, I didn't know you had a blog with your drawings. How nice! :) I'm glad you liked it! I can't wait to take more pictures!!

  3. wow, this is my favorite post, I thnik your idea of people and places is a very good one, i am looking forward to see more posts like this. maybe you could do one with people from Cluj.