Monday, 9 April 2012

Photography Inspiration

Monday, 9 April 2012
It is time I took back my abandoned blog and post again! Spring always comes with new begginings for me, so I hope that this time I shall be a better blogger :)

This a photographer I discovered today, surprisingly on facebook. I used to think that the only places to find beautiful, inspirational people it is flickr and tumblr, but the time has come, when everybody must have a facebook page. Sadly, with all its faults, fb is a great place to promote yourself as a photographer.

So, this "new favorite" photographer is Luisa Mรถhle. She is from Germany and here is how she describes her passion. :)
Through taking pictures I meet people. I'm able to capture fleeting moments and emotions, to get involved with my partner and create something new with him. Even though the camera just sees the surface, I want to look behind

You can find her and more of her work on the following links:
                                                     and fb: