Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This is England

Wednesday, 11 April 2012
This march I have been to England for two weeks. This was my third time in Great Britain and everytime I step my foot on british land....this strange feeling comes over me. Like I belong there and I'm always very happy while I'm there.

Those green pastures, sheep with little lambs running around, the little houses with small stone fences... The english countryside is a mystical wonderland! 

First time I was in England I visited London and the second time, Worcester and Birmingham.
I loved big cities. They have their own charm and they are full of life and colour, but I always wanted to see the English countryside. 
I want to live in a little village called Flore. Or another one called Burton on the Hill. Life there seems so peacefull and all the worries in the world are gone...

Here a few of the pictures I took there, with my film camera Canon ae1.  :)

1. Christ Church, Oxford. 2. Chichester Marina   3. Cliffs of Dover
4. Kent County 5 and 6 Oxford.


  1. Oh, how much I love UK. I hope to live there one day.. (:

  2. These photos are beautiful. You capture England very well :)