Monday, 16 April 2012

wish list: dream cameras

Monday, 16 April 2012
I think there are four years now since I've started taking pictures with slr cameras. Descovering film photography was like finally finding something I can never tired off. Something that can make me happy when I'm feeling down because everytime I have a bad day, I just go out and take some pictures. The anticipation if  the film will turn out right is always something to look forward to.

I don't see myself as a photographer. Just another amateur that likes taking pictures every now and then. My first camera was a Canon 300. I loved that camera, until I discovered my second one: Canon ae1. This one, I adore. It's my camera. The third camera I got was a Zenit E. I also like this one a lot, but I'm still learning my way around we are not the best of friends yet.
Therefore, I own three nice slr cameras and here is my wish list of others I wanna get some day!

                                                                   1. Pentax Asahi K-1000 

2. Canon F-1    

3.  Pentax 67

4. Nikon S3

5. Olympus OM-1n

6. Nikon FM2

7. Leica IIIf

8. Zorki 1d

9. Contax G2 

10. Diana F

I believe the most expansive one is the Contax. And I had to put a Diana camera on there even though it's not such a great camera but I think it's the most popular one. Even Alexa Chung has one :)

Here are the sources to each picture. 

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  1. Oooh, you have good taste in cameras :-)

    The Pentax K1000 is lovely, but get the KX (film version of course) if you can, its much nicer because it improves in some areas over the K1000. The Olympus is great too - I have the OM-2n, and its great because it has a switch on the side that allows you to easily flick between AE-priority and full manual; and yes, the full manual mode has a match the needle meter, just like the K1000, whereas if you keep it in AE mode it has a nice F stop scale. It also meters by reading the light as it falls on the film - neat!! Oh, but be careful if you do buy an OM-1, they use mercury batteries, you know, the kind that isn't manufactured today, so you'd have to use an adapter in the battery compartment or have it adjusted. Of course its an all manual camera so a hand held light meter can do wonders...