Thursday, 24 May 2012

photography inspiration

Thursday, 24 May 2012
There are so many photographers I like, that I would have to stay one month on the blog just to post about all. I discovered them through Flickr and they are not so famous like, lets say: Tim Walker. They are just normal, talented and inspirational human beings.
Also, most of them are film enthusiasts, so maybe that's why I like them even more :)

After Luisa Mohle, I want to show you a few pictures by Anna Hollow!! She is seventeen years old and living in California. (at this age and with so many amazing pictures, I have to say I really admire her)
As far as I've seen she uses a Canon ae1. -just like me :)- and she scans her pictures.
Here is her own description I found on her blog: "Anna Hollow (hatzakis) seventeen in february, southern california, loves bunny rabbits, smells like teen spirit, usually a lover not a fighter, classic film junkie, happy with her life, unhappy with her art, might be vice versa, writing this at 1:33 am , so I guess you can say insomniac"
So here it is. The beautiful and talented Anna. Many of her pictures are self portraits so you can see how pretty she looks!

she has the cutest bicycle!! 

you can check out her flickr, her blog and her website!

rebekka karijord

I think that almost all my favorite artists are either from UK or from a part of Scandinavia! People there are so talented and yes, I do love indie music.
I discovered Rebekka Karijord an year ago and loved her music right away. Her song "Wear it like a Crowd" and "The Noble Art of Letting Go" are not only beautiful, melodic songs, but they also have amazing lyrics. Her song are like poems. So inspirational!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

antique fair

Sunday, 20 May 2012
So today, I went to an antique fair with my sisters and cousin. We found a lot of cute stuff but some were to expensive....cause they were antiques I guess. Like this old guy, who would ask like thousands of euros for a Leica camera...:|

Anyways, I took some pictures for Instagram, so here they are :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

music and film

Friday, 18 May 2012
I am sooo looking foward to see this movie, Snowhite and the Huntsman
Here is a video for one of the songs included on the soundtrack.
Florence and the Machine fits perfectly in the ost of the movie.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

on a rainy day

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
The weather this days is pretty gloomy. As much as I like rain and fog and chilly days in the summer, I do not like to many one after another..Cause this whole week that's what we had.
Anyways, since I was forced to stay indoors most of the time, I took some picutures of my room. My cameras, my books, picutures and little things are the ones that make my room a cozy place for rainy days.

What's more nicer than to read a good book next to a cup of tea, while listening to the beautiful sounds of raindrops falling on my window? :)

The ballerina is a present from a friend. The red box is were I keep my film rolls. The orchid is from my mom and the books are all bought from England. :)

*this pictures are taken with a Canon 5D camera.

music and style

Everybody knows the cute 13 year old Tavi Gevinson. She stars in Wren's new short film, for the fall/winter 2012 collection. Didn't knew she could sing so well.
Such a nice vintage video, that looks like it was taken from the pages of a Lula magazine and it
s called "Beware of Young Girls". hmmm..:)

Monday, 14 May 2012

botanical garden

Monday, 14 May 2012
My sister Cami came to visit us with her husband. And then my aunt and cousin from Arizona came too. So, it was this big family reunion. My mom didn't see her sister for 15 years. It was so nice to see how happy they both were.

I took a few pictures with film, even though my sister, who is a photographer, brought two big digital cameras. I  still want to have some on film. Feels like my memories are preserved better on film  :)

cute post about me

A few weeks ago, I went to take some pictures with a nice friend, who also is a film enthusiast and has the same first name as me. We both had a Zenit E camera. Unfortunetly, my pictures didn't came out, because the film got damaged. :| very sad..
But here is the pictures she took of me and the post she made on her blog.

I just love them.

I especially love the third one. Looks so old and dreamy. 
Thanks Alina >:D<