Thursday, 24 May 2012

photography inspiration

Thursday, 24 May 2012
There are so many photographers I like, that I would have to stay one month on the blog just to post about all. I discovered them through Flickr and they are not so famous like, lets say: Tim Walker. They are just normal, talented and inspirational human beings.
Also, most of them are film enthusiasts, so maybe that's why I like them even more :)

After Luisa Mohle, I want to show you a few pictures by Anna Hollow!! She is seventeen years old and living in California. (at this age and with so many amazing pictures, I have to say I really admire her)
As far as I've seen she uses a Canon ae1. -just like me :)- and she scans her pictures.
Here is her own description I found on her blog: "Anna Hollow (hatzakis) seventeen in february, southern california, loves bunny rabbits, smells like teen spirit, usually a lover not a fighter, classic film junkie, happy with her life, unhappy with her art, might be vice versa, writing this at 1:33 am , so I guess you can say insomniac"
So here it is. The beautiful and talented Anna. Many of her pictures are self portraits so you can see how pretty she looks!

she has the cutest bicycle!! 

you can check out her flickr, her blog and her website!