Monday, 15 October 2012

negreni fair

Monday, 15 October 2012
Friday I went to this autumn fair that takes places in a little village called Negreni. It was my third time going there and this year the fair got so big that I was overwhelmed by the number of people and stuff there. Actually I didn't had time to buy a lot of things because I was to busy taking pictures and just..look at people. And because I took pictures, some people would start talking to me. Many of them, just trying to sell me something but others would ask me questions.:) was actually nice to be able to get to know some of them a little bit.
Even though I forgot my film roll at home, and couldn't take analog pictures, these digital ones came out ok, i guess. I really liked that there were many dusty old mirrors in which I could take self-portraits.  In fact, there were very few things you couldn't find there..from chairs, to clothes and shoes, antiques and jewelry, books and music, you can buy almost anything... there was even an old chaise for sale.
I love these county fairs. I always find treasures and it's the perfect place for pictures :)