Sunday, 21 October 2012

skirt bike

Sunday, 21 October 2012
So, saturday was the first Skirt Bike Event  in Cluj. I was actually really looking forward to this because I'm a big fan of bikes and everything related to them. I will choose any time a bike over a bus or a car, but in my city the traffic is awful, so you have to be quite brave to ride the bike. The event was not actually what I had in mind though..I was expecting more girls wearing skirts and city bikes, but instead of that there were a lot of boys and girls wearing jeans, not skirts. Anyway, I enjoyed it as it was. I met an old friend there and Daria from Kittenhood. She and her friend Giani (first picture) were some of the loveliest girls there.

                                                           me taken by Kittenhood (Daria)

                                                         and by Silvana Dumitrescu


  1. tu frumoasa ce esti! ce fain ca ai fost la skirt bike! daca o sa se faca in Bucuresti am sa pot sa ma duc si eu, ca acum stiu sa biciclez :)) :D

    ah si cred ca avem acelasi pulover, doar ca al meu e pe un roz-moviu :D si ti-ai tuns cumva parul? sau pare mai scurt din cauza ca e ondulat?

    1. multumesc draguta! da, m-am tuns putin. las ca o sa mergem amandoua cu bicicleta cand te intorci >:D<

  2. Such a great event! And I see girls in Cluj have perfect style(s)! :))

  3. Fun event! PS, I swear, so well-dressed, all of you!