Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Our tumblr meeting ... and photo club

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
So, it's been a while since I've wrote something here.
This last weekend I had some friends over. Two darlings (Eliza and Codrina) I have meet through tumblr a few years ago and this was their second visit. Together with Ralu and Elfride, that live in Cluj, we had a blessed full weekend full of pictures and tissues (because we all had a runny nose ).

Friday we went to see 570 sky lanterns in Piata Unirii, the centre of my city. Staying there, looking at the that view next to thousands of other people, especially little kids that will go ahhhhh,  was really something special. I hope more events like this will take place in Cluj.

The three days we spent together we've been to six or seven coffe house, tea houses and restaurants. Almost all of my favorite places like Qui One Quint, Camino and Casa Tiff. In Zorki Photo Cafe we sat down with six diferent cameras on our table (two on film and four digital) It looked like we were some photo club.
We actually saw everything there is to see in the city on foot. But I myself, had the best time when we all went to Hajongard Cemetery. That place holds so much beauty for me and the pictures we took there are by far the most beautiful.
This was the first time I used Kodak Portra 160 iso. I always wanted to shoot with this film and the pictures came out amazing. The skin tones and textures are the finest.

                                                                 on film
Eliza. Codrina and Raluca

                                                                    Zorki Photo Cafe

and digital 

Qui One Quint

and also a few of me taken by Codri 

Samsara Chill Out TeaHouse