Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wedding at the countryside

Tuesday, 9 April 2013
I have lots of cousins on my mother side, so many that I barely know the names of them all. Apart from a few that live abroad, the rest live at the countryside and have a very different way of life than I do.

Life is so much simpler there. People don't care about the latest trends, don't have a facebook profile and haven't even heard about instagram. It's not like they live as the Amish because they have cars, cell phones and comfortable homes. My aunt has this huge bathroom with a wood stove that keeps the water warm and I can stay for hours inside.
My cousins never actually get bored because they always have something to do. Everytime I go there, we bake together and have fresh bread and pancakes and lots of other goodies. When they're not working they usually read, take walks outside -their houses are surrounded by woods and hills- swim in the river or just spend time together.

On the day of the wedding, sixteen baby pigs were born and another ten baby chicks. It was early for the chicks to be born in march but I was happy to see them. I climbed the barn with my little cousin Ligia and found them just a few hours after they came out of the eggshells.

At the end of the wedding ceremony in church, the pastor announced that free shots of vaccine are given next week to all  horse owners. How strange to hear that kind of announcement in church... Back home, my pastor announced a new course for parents called Media Safe, where IT experts teach the parents how to protect their childrean and teenagers against the dangers of the internet. Hmm...just by these facts you can figure out that life is so much different here in town.

The wedding was short and simple. The food was good; nothing fancy or gourmet. Just tasty comfort food. The bride choose tulips. White, pink and dark violet. Her dress was simple, she had just a drop of makeup on and still looked beautiful.
I don't know what is it with girls at the countryside. Maybe it's in the air or because of the exercise but they look so good without makeup. So natural and healthy that I always feel a little uncomfortable around them. Since I was little I was the skinny pale cousin from town that couldn't handle walking for three hours to the sheepfold.

I will post more pictures of my lovely cousins because I haven't got the time to take as many of the bride as I wanted too. My cousins are like nimphs and little forest fairies. They are so different from eachother and so much alike at the same time. I loved taking pictures of them and can't wait for spring and flowers to grow so I can go again and take more.

That being said, I am happy to be related to such kind and lovely people that live in a place I can always escape too.



newborn chicks

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  1. The little girl is the cutest, ugh. Also, I wouldn't mind living in the country, especially your kind of countryside. You're blessed.