Monday, 24 June 2013

electric castle festival

Monday, 24 June 2013
    It's funny cause my last post was about an event at the same place. Banffy Castle. To be honest it's a great location for music events. But the piano recital event was so much different. There were so many people that I became a little claustrofobic at some point. People would dance around me and step on my feet and just push me around like I'm invisible...One of the reasons I don't like big crowds.
    It was the first edition of Electric Festival, and I must say I was impressed how organized everything was. There was plenty of space at each scene and lots of other places where you can take a moment to relax and stay away from the noise. The food and drinks were quite ok too. So, hands down to Boiler Events, that created and planned this thing.
    I don't listen to much electronic music, so this event it's not something I usually go to, but there are some bands and songs that I like that have some electronic influences. One of those bands is Morcheeba. It was nice to see them live but of course they haven't played my favorite songs from the new album (except for Crimson)....and neither the old ones that I like. I always have this misfortune at concerts cause they never play the ones I want...
   It was way too hot at the beggining to take pictures and after that the wind and rain came, so yeah...I don't have that many good ones, but I have a few that I really like. Some are of people walking by or just standing in the crowd that I found interesting.
    I have to say that one of the most important things, when going somewhere like this, is the company. I had some very dear friends there with me, so even if it rained, even if I felt out of my comfort zone at some point and even if I was dead tired, having them with me made it all much nicer. So thank you Bogdan, Eligia and Andreea  >:D<

                                                                                                  meet Daria from Kittenhood 
                                                                                   Atelierul de panza

                                                                                   Nikita (one of my volunteers from Tiff this year)
                                                                                             Tina & Ema

                    they were one of the cutest couples I saw there. I don't even know if they really are a couple :)
                                                                   remains of a lemonade maybe
                                                            Silent Strike & Band (really great concert)

                                                                                           and then the rain came...
                                                                   Robin and the Backstabbers

                                                     Morcheeba (love all the colors and lights from these next pictures)

                                                                       the castle at night with fireflys all around
                                                                                        last picture I took


  1. ce faine-s pozele! in special cele de la robin and the backstabbers si morcheeba! pe cei de la morcheeba i-am vazut si eu live acum 2 ani. :)
    mi-ar fi placut tare mult sa fiu si eu cu voi acolo. trebuie sa ma duci la Bontida data viitoare cand vin la Cluj neaparat!

    1. trebuie sa mergem neaparat! odata cand nu e nimeni pe acolo si odata la un eveniment fain cum au fost ultimele trei (chopin, tiff si electric ) mi-a placut mult si silent strike :) a cantat amazing Skye!

  2. What shall I say besides amazing?