Monday, 5 August 2013

hidden caged garden

Monday, 5 August 2013
     I have a feeling that the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden will soon be my favorite place to shoot. The colors and textures of those flowers and the amazing light coming through the glass ceiling makes this place a wonderland for taking pictures (especially on film).
     After reading my last post, my friend Criss, who is a talented illustrator and ceramist, talked with a nice lady that works there and got us (me and my sister Cami) in some hidden greenhouses that I didn't even knew existed. I think we saw at least five different ones connected to one another. There was a family of four cats living in the first one and they were all sleeping between the plants or on a wooden plank above the seedlings.
     These greenhouses are used for growing all sorts of plants and exotic species that will be later taken to the big ones that are open to visitors.
     I felt so privileged to have the chance to be there and to have a wonderful guide that can tell us everything about all those beautiful plants. They way she talked and how she cared for them made my wish I was a gardener or at least a worker there.
    I also saw the cactus greenhouse a little bit closer and was able to take some pictures inside. There were hundreds of species of cactus. All different shapes, sizes and colors.

    Criss brought her sketching paper and made little drawings of flowers and leaves. It is a perfect place for inspiration.
 If you want to see her beautiful work visit her website here. :)

I am so happy with how my pictures came out. All are taken with a Canon 300 using Kodak film.

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